IOTAS has been acquired by ADT. The innovative future for smart properties.


A smart investment that’s also a no-brainer

Lease apartments faster, cut down on labor costs, and see NOI quickly. IOTAS drives real revenue almost immediately for your multifamily properties.

Bottom Line

Increase revenue and NOI

Adding IOTAS smart home technology to your community is a safe bet and strategic path to increase rents, lower turnover and quicken lease-up time across the board for your apartment communities. Combined with lower maintenance costs and better energy efficiency, IOTAS boosts your portfolio’s bottom line.

Combining great smart apartment solutions plus our innovative Prospect Tour™, apartments lease faster with IOTAS, providing quicker ROI.
Apartment buildings that implement IOTAS see an increase in rent premiums averaging 8%.
Cut your marketing expenses. IOTAS properties see an average renewal rate 59% higher than baseline.
Imagine saving hours per week in labor costs. Our property partners see an average of 7% reduction in weekly labor costs. That’s an average of $23,000 per year.
When you automate your common areas and empty units, you can decrease utility costs by up to 30%.
Time is of the essence for every building problem. When we detect a water leak or any other emergency event, we’ll notify you immediately. We help properties save $11,000 per incident we report.

Building Control

In control and on demand

IOTAS puts you and your management in the driver’s seat, enabling greater control throughout your communities.

Monthly savings on autopilot

Automatically control vacant unit temperature and lighting, saving thousands of hours for your maintenance staff, and thousands of dollars for your bottom line.

Property Alerts

Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’ll notify you anytime we detect a water leak, low battery, or temperature issue across your property.


Always future first

We integrate with best-in-class smart devices, as well as the most important Property Management Systems. Whether you use Yardi, RealPage, or something else, setting up IOTAS for a new resident is easy. Simply add them to your system, and they’ll be good to go as soon as they move in.

Alexa for Residential

We’ve collaborated with Amazon to bring the Alexa voice-enabled experience as soon as residents move in. Zero setup required.

Our integrations

Whatever devices you plan to install, we have a solution for that. We know the multifamily industry, and we're always integrating with the latest technology.

Our property partners

Spanning over 40 major markets, we're the smart solution for some of the biggest names in the multifamily industry.

Support & Training

A partner every
step of the way

When we work together, we promise to always put you and your residents first. Whether you’re brand new to smart devices or a savvy expert, we’ll help you design the appropriate solutions for your building.

Design solutions for your building

Our team will help you pick the right smart solutions for your property.

Provide setup assistance

We’ll be available to help with installation and pairing for all devices and solutions.

Training for your team

Once your property is launched, we’ll provide ongoing training for your smart devices.

Ongoing marketing support

Our marketing team will help support yours in advertising your smart apartment.

Always by your side

Call or email us anytime. We’re here to make sure you succeed.

What our friends say about us

Zach, Property Manager

“The install, integration, and resident acceptance was quicker and better than we expected. Our leasing agents were trained. The residents love it and we can control our entire property with a push of a button. Can’t beat that.”

Kim, Property Manager, Pinnacle

“I am a super fan of the IOTAS smart homes! I appreciate how user friendly the technology is; it’s truly “plug and play”. Having this feature in our apartment homes sets us apart in the market and our residents are excited to be able to customize the IOTAS to fit their needs and wants.”

Johnny, Asset Manager, GoldOller

“IOTAS is giving us an edge on our competition throughout our portfolio. There are few amenities that offer such a profound improvement to the user experience with such small capital requirements.”

Allison, Resident

“It’s amazing how this technology integrated seamlessly into my day to day life. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but now I can’t live without it.”

It’s time to get smart