IOTAS has been acquired by ADT. The innovative future for smart properties.

Alexa for Residential

Lease faster and drive retention with Alexa for Residential.

Alexa for Residential gives residents a fully voice-controlled apartment immediately upon move in. No setup required.


The Alexa Experience

Unleash the power of Alexa.

Faster lease-ups. Greater retention. Better resident experiences.


Lease Faster

An impressive touring experience

Showcase your powerful smart apartment technology with Alexa's voice controls on tours. With a read-to-go system, prospects will be thrilled to know they'll have voice control immediately upon move-in.

Resident Experience

Making smart homes even easier

Delight your current residents with a no-hassle, easy-to-use voice control system with Alexa. As soon as a resident moves in, they'll have voice access to all their smart devices. No setup required.

Easy to manage.

One-time set up for all residents, now and future.

Showcase your smart properties during tours with Alexa voice commands.

Devices automatically reset as soon as residents move out.

Alexa for Residential is designed with multiple layers of privacy protection.

Sce Pike, CEO of IOTAS

“Integrating Alexa for Residential into our platform is a perfect fit because it facilitates an even more seamless and delightful smart community experience for both residents and management.”


Immersive voice experiences made simple.

Delight residents. Improve operational efficiency. Lease faster.