IOTAS has been acquired by ADT. The innovative future for smart properties.


An amazing apartment on command

Simplify everyday experiences. With automated apartments, you empower your residents to take control of their lives.

Ready to go

From the moment they move in, your residents will have a first-class smart apartment experience. Here’s what you can expect for every resident in your property.

Voice control

Alexa. Siri. Google. With voice control, residents can manage your smart devices through Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Smart locks

No more cluttered keychains. No more lockouts. Residents can unlock their door with just a tap on your smartphone or share virtual keys with guests.

Smart thermostats

Personalized climates. Residents can fine-tune monthly bills by programming their thermostats, and you can eliminate wasted energy and staff time by automating vacant units and common areas.

Smart lighting & switches

Setting the mood. Residents can make their days a little brighter by turning on the lights with simple voice commands.

Smart outlets

Plug in convenience. With smart outlets throughout the home, residents can make their routines a little easier, like heating up the electric kettle first thing in the morning for fresh coffee.

Motion sensors

Wave farewell to light switches. Residents can let their apartment light up the room the moment they enter.

Leak detectors

Protect your investment. Get peace of mind with 24/7 water detection around sinks, showers, washing machines, and more.

Resident App

A mobile apartment

With the IOTAS resident app, every home is just a tap away. Your residents can double check locks, turn lights on and off, adjust their thermostat, and receive important alerts from anywhere. Live free knowing that with IOTAS, your property is in good hands.


Scenes & Routines

Engineering an experience

With IOTAS, residents control the little things that make life sweet. Need the perfect light settings for a spontaneous movie night? Set the scene before Netflix even loads the beginning credits.

Set it and forget it

Residents can set a routine so their apartment knows to turn down the heater on cool winter evenings when they turn in for the night, like turning their temps down to 65 degrees every night.

Guest Access

Go ahead. Give them control.

Forget the old-fashioned front door buzzer. Residents can give access to friends and family whenever they want. Guest access allows residents to send virtual keys once, or send recurring keys for specific days and hours of the week.

Peace of Mind

We’ll keep an eye on things for you

Leaky faucets

Battery life in smart devices

Temperature extremes

Whatever it is, we’ll be there 24/7 to notify you if we see anything out of the ordinary. Rest easy knowing you’ll always have peace of mind.