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Welcome to your new Smart Home

Right now entrepreneurs everywhere are bringing to life everyday objects by integrating smart technology; allowing us to learn, control and enhance our daily experience. The business opportunity is enormous, estimated by some to be $6.2 trillion by 2025 with as much as 200 billion new connected devices. This movement is coming to the home in a big way, and IOTAS will help lead the way for rental properties.

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We’re excited about the future.

The IOTAS team was born from a shared vision of what smart technology could do to improve people’s lives, as well as a collective frustration with the approach that the industry was heading in. Instead of connecting things together, most companies are working to create their own smart technology bubbles, hoping that others will follow in their direction.

Our hope is to shape a connecting experience that helps residents get ready a little faster, relax a little easier, understand their home a little deeper, and save a little more money and energy.

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