IOTAS and Mobile Doorman Partnership

Today’s renters, above all else, desire convenience in all forms. It is with this in…

Today’s renters, above all else, desire convenience in all forms. It is with this in mind that we are very excited to announce our partnership with Mobile Doorman at Optech this week!

According to a study of 1,000 renters conducted by Schlage and Wakefield Research, the average millennial is willing to pay about 20% more in rent for a smart apartment. In an effort to help our property partners keep up with this increasing demand, IOTAS provides the most comprehensive smart apartment experience for multifamily.

As the world gets smarter and technology advances, people are beginning to get app fatigue. According to TechCrunch, the average person uses nine apps per day and 30 per month.

Mobile Doorman and IOTAS are teaming up to eliminate the need for residents to use several apps to control their apartment living experience. Mobile Doorman is the industry leader of custom-branded, comprehensive resident apps that allow residents to pay rent, get package notifications, message their neighbors, and so forth. In 2019, through the partnership with IOTAS, residents will also be able to control their lights, outlets, thermostats, and locks as well as manage their home automation within their Mobile Doorman app.


“Today’s renter wants it all. They want convenience. They want smart technology. They want an exclusive lifestyle they can define,” said Bob Matteson, CEO and Co-Founder of Mobile Doorman. “Our partnership with IOTAS helps ensure our clients are exceeding resident expectations by delivering the ability for residents to control the services, technology and amenities that define their living experience, and all from their mobile device.”

We are always striving to provide the best service for our clients and partners. We believe combining the smart home experience with the convenience of Mobile Doorman is a vital step to ensuring residents have the best experience available and owners increase their ROI.


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