Things Google Home Can Do

Designed by the world’s leading search engine (processing an astounding 92% of web searches!) Google…

Designed by the world’s leading search engine (processing an astounding 92% of web searches!) Google Home brings its information prowess right into the hands of your residents. While most consumers are familiar with its ability to answer trivia questions, announce the weather, and play favorite music tracks, this virtual voice assistant is packed with exciting (and unknown!) features.  

What are the top features of Google Home? 

Analysts estimate that Google Home will serve as a communication cornerstone for nearly 140 million households by 2025. Property owners are jumping on this smart home trend as a thrilling way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Constantly listening for the eponymous command, “OK, Google,” this smart home device is more than just a speaker: it’s always ready to serve its owner with the latest in intelligent technology. Here’s how. 

Smart home capabilities

Google Home offers up a bevvy of automation features to transform your residence into a full-on smart home. By linking skills from your smart home provider, you can control things like smart plugs, thermostats, and lights, brightening rooms or cool down the temperature just by using voice commands. You can also chain together a series of automated scenes and routines that complement your lifestyle.

  • Wake up: Routines can let you curate a ‘playlist’ of morning events. Decide on your preferred wake-up time and you’ll rise to gradually brightening room lights. Easily add in your Google digital assistant to pull in music and start your morning with energetic tunes like “Eye of the Tiger” or “I Got You (I Feel Good).”  
  • Thermostats: Using your Google Digital Assistant, you can warm your living area, cool down other rooms.  Using your smart home provider’s functionality alongside your Google device does more than create a comfortable atmosphere, it can also save you money on energy bills. 
  • Make it your own: A smart home hub and Google device combination lets you to control smart hardware from a variety of brands, including things like blind controllers, RGB lighting modules, sensors, and even appliances. Link multiple devices together to kick off even the most nuanced ‘happy hour’, ‘bedtime’,or ‘welcome home’ routine. 

Compatible with your choice of smart devices through the IOTAS hub, Google Home can serve as the central voice-controlled command post. 

Broadcast messages throughout your home

Google Home can also serve as an old school intercom. Use its “Broadcast” feature to send your voice through other devices scattered around your home. Call the family down for dinner, or announce the arrival of a friend. 

Start the party

When it comes time to drop the beat, Google can tap into a variety of music services like Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music. Don’t know the name of the song you’re looking for? 

Leveraging its unparalleled search network, Google can scour the web for a song just by hearing its lyrics. Have an even vaguer request? Simply ask Google, “Ok Google, play that song from the beginning of Avengers: End Game,” and immediately enjoy a rousing rendition of “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” 

Accessibility features

Google is committed to training its devices to understand all types of speech styles. Through a partnership with Project Euphoria, the Google team is constantly tweaking devices to better understand those with impaired speech due to life experiences like ALS or Parkinson’s. 

Break down language barriers

Google Home can do more than passively wait on the sidelines, it can serve as a central character in a conversation. Activate “Interpreter Mode” and crash through language barriers. With the simple command, “OK, Google, interpret from French to English,” the device can serve as a real-time translator between you and a foreign language-speaking friend. 

Lost your phone? 

As fellow members of the Google family, Home and Android pair well together. With a simple command, Google Home can send out a search party for your Android-based smart phone. Just listen for the loud chimes when you’ve forgotten your phone in your backpack or beneath a couch cushion. 

Google Home: What are some key advantages? 

Ever wanted to shop by voice command? Google Home has its own shopping ecosystem, Google Express. This lets you use your voice to place orders with top retailers like Costco or Best Buy. What are some other advantages to Google Home? 

  • Google Home understands complex language: Fans find that Google Home performs exceptionally well following natural human language patterns. Google Home has the ability to parse longer sentences into distinct actions. 
  • “OK, Google, play The Mandalorian on Disney+”: Google Chromecast is a powerful piece of the Google ecosystem that plugs right into your television. While you can call out basic commands like “play” or “pause,” Chromecast can process more advanced commands, as well. With Google Home, you can control popular streaming services like Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and more. 
  • Get information right where you want it: Kicking back with a great film and curious about tomorrow’s weather report? Google Home can also pair with your Chromecast to overlay relevant information during a TV program. 

With Google Home, you can control your lights, but also access a full entertainment suite of shopping, searching, and streaming.

Google Home Tips & Tricks

This powerful smart home device is loaded with convenient features—but also many that you can have fun with. By customizing Google Home with your unique personality, you can create the ultimate voice assistant made just for you: 

  • Serves as a stand-in for your memory: Constantly forgetting where you put things? Leave a mental note with Google like “OK, Google, my keys are in my laptop bag.” Instead of frantically searching for your keys the next morning, you can simply ask Google where you left them. 
  • Cook with Google: Google can serve as sous chef of a dinner party, walking you through delicious recipes from platforms like Tasty. Similarly, you can ask for nutrition facts on certain foods, or if the recipe doesn’t quite work out—seamlessly place an order from Domino’s or Postmates. 
  • Train Google Home to learn different voices: Google Home can understand the vocal nuances between various family members or roommates. Train Google to remember different voices so when you say, “OK, Google, play my favorite song,” you hear precisely what you are looking for. 
  • Have a little fun…: Google Home can also imitate celebrity voices to communicate with you under the guise of your favorite star. 
  • …but also relax a little: Need to wind down after a long day? Google Home can queue up more than just music: kick back to soothing sounds like distant thunderstorms or the gentle pitter-patter of a calming rain. 

The Google Home smart speaker is just one of the leading in-home virtual voice assistants. Packed with personalization potential, smart speakers are an amenity that your tenants can use to fully customize their in-home experience.

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