IOTAS Commitment

“At the end of the day, we want to be a welcome guest in your home.”

You are not our “user”.

You’re a human being. You’re a resident of your home. You have goals in life that don’t include the use of IOTAS (as much as we would love it!). We realize this and promise to treat you first and foremost as a human being, not as a user. Our commitment to you not only affects the way we respect your privacy, but the way you experience IOTAS as a whole.

We are guests in your home.

Your home is your most sacred place. It’s where you feel safe, where you retreat for rest, solace and relaxation, and where you create some of your most cherished everyday experiences. By using IOTAS, you are inviting us into your home. As guests, we respect your rules and your privacy.

Your personal information is valuable, and you’re in control of it.

We take your information very seriously, period. In a world where data breaches and identity theft make the front page daily, we can’t afford not to. Despite the bad headlines, we’re awed by the way technology is used and its potential to benefit humankind. Call us optimists. With that in mind, everything we learn about you and your home is used to make your experience better; and we use the strongest security measures available to protect it. Ultimately, though, you decide what information is shared, and whether it’s shared at all.

While these documents aren’t the most friendly, we always are. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about what you read here.

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