Smart Apartment Innovator Showcasing Google Assistant in Multifamily Units

LAS VEGAS, NV. January 8, 2018

IOTAS, an innovator in premier smart apartment technology, announced today it is integrating with Google Assistant during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018. Through the implementation of the IOTAS platform, property managers of multifamily housing units can now seamlessly deploy Google Assistant within apartments. IOTAS has been integrated with Amazon Alexa since last year and now with Google Assistant they are adding the two largest voice control system into their platform.

The IOTAS platform strategically integrates IoT technologies into rental units, delivering significant benefits to both property managers and residents. For property managers, the IOTAS platform provides improved management of vacant units through a centralized dashboard that allows them to manage thermostats, lights and identify any maintenance issues that may need attention. For residents, the IOTAS Home app curates “stories” that are unique to each user, allowing for a complete smart home experience without the installation or investment in new technologies. IOTAS will be showcasing its Connect 2 Hub during CES for the first time. The advanced hub will be released in 2018. IOTAS will be releasing Nest smart thermostats for multifamily properties in 2018. Nest adds device interoperability and value for apartment residents and property developers.

Following a successful exhibit at CES 2017 where IOTAS was named an Innovations Award Honoree; the company has seen significant growth implementing smart-apartment communities with a presence in 25 states across the U.S. and several regions in Canada. IOTAS-enabled apartments support a wide-variety of smart home products thus solving many of the interoperability challenges caused by multiple products and protocols in use. With the IOTAS Smart Hub, apartment residents can enjoy the full benefits of a smart apartment that is fully compatible with voice assistants including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, smart outlets, light switches, door locks, thermostats and sensors.

“IoT technologies will continue to be the buzz of CES, from updated voice assistants and security systems to smart TVs and wearables, for years to come. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a homeowner you’re less likely to want to invest time and money into adopting these technologies,” said Sce Pike, CEO and founder of IOTAS. “We’re thrilled to work with three leading smart home technology providers to bring their products to apartment communities throughout North America making them accessible to an entirely new market.”

IOTAS will be showcasing its platform and demoing its capabilities at Tech East, Westgate booth #1807 at CES. For more information, please visit

IOTAS, which stands for IoT as a Service, is a Portland, Ore.-based developer of a smart home platform for the rental market. The company enables property developers to easily and quickly install smart outlets, switches, thermostats, door locks, sensors and more by streamlining the set-up and deployment process. With this premium offering, building owners and operators can attract new tenants and premium rents, while lowering utility and management costs. For more information, visit


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