From investment insight to hot marketing trends, multifamily housing professionals turn to the best real estate podcasts to keep them sharp. They’re a great way to learn creative new ways to expand your portfolio and attract new tenants. Plus, with nearly 850,000 podcasts available at your fingertips, you can tune into top experts and industry insiders even while on the go.

Select one at random and you’re bombarded with get-rich quick schemes and sales pitches for subscription services. With over 30 million podcast episodes to pick from, finding a real estate podcast genuinely focused on growing your business can feel like an impossible feat. How can you find education-packed, entertaining shows that are genuinely interested in growing your real estate business?

We conferred with our own team, our clients, and our industry friendlies to discover what podcasts inspire real estate owners and property developers alike. So lace up your running shoes or dive into your daily chores—hey, we all listen differently!—and press play on one of these 8 great real estate podcasts.

Hone your real estate marketing and technology skills with these two podcasts

The Tom Ferry Experience

Top real estate coach Tom Ferry brings his marketing chops to the audio waves. In a vast library of nearly 700 episodes, Ferry reveals business-growth hacks, how to engage potential tenants with a captivating video strategy, and sure-fire strategies for generating hundreds of new listing appointments.

He doesn’t just focus on the business nitty-gritty: this podcast also serves as a feel-good motivational force. Each Monday, Ferry teaches a quick lesson on the power of healthy habits or a positive mindset so you’ll have the confidence to take that next step in your professional journey. He drops a fresh episode four days a week so you’re never at a loss for new tips and tricks for growing your real estate investment.

Apartments on the Go

As a property manager or real estate professional, you always want your portfolio to stand out from the crowd. Courtney Smith and Matt Ruedlinger hope to give you the tools you need to outfit your apartment complex for success. In each episode of Apartments on the Go, they interview some of the biggest stars in the industry about the latest trends, tricks, and tech that woo modern tenants.

Launch your online chatbot strategy, learn about the amenities working-from-home residents crave, or stay ahead of the local competition by offering next-gen rent payment options. If you’re dazzled by the technology shaping the future of real estate, this creative, tech-savvy duo is a great addition to your weekly podcast lineup.

Sharpen your real estate investment chops with this set of three highly rated podcasts

Old Capital Real Estate Investing Podcast

When it comes to learning the ropes of apartment investments, Paul Peebles and Michael Becker are the go-to source. Each episode of the Old Capital Podcast delivers a substantive analysis into valuable topics like how to create passive income, important updates to underwriting rules, and how to get started on your first multifamily acquisition.

As two experienced commercial bankers, they’re well known for their hard-hitting, no-fuss dissection of how to make it in the real estate industry—so bring your notebook and a fresh cup of coffee. New to the game and have a burning question for this hot-shot team? Submit it to the “Ask Mike Mondays” segment, where Becker guides you through your new commercial real estate venture.


Hosts Brandon Turner, David Greene, and Joshua Dorkin invite their listeners to grab a beer and settle in for an off-the-cuff round of rousing real estate conversation with your newfound support squad. They’ll regale you with tales of smashing successes, unfortunate failures, and lots of lessons learned.

The team brings in guests from all corners of real estate. Learn how a TikTok creator parlayed his 800,000-fan fame into the realm of real estate, or hear about a highly actionable blueprint on how to start your real estate journey from absolute scratch.

Don’t let their laid-back vibe fool you—this podcast is jam-packed with real investing strategies that work, so grab your favorite IPA and tune in every Thursday.

Discovering Multifamily

Are you looking to gain financial freedom through multifamily real estate investments? What better way to learn the ropes than from a team who has been through it all. In Discovering Multifamily, Anthony Scandariato and Brian Leonard are here to support you with near-daily episodes.

Each day, they bring in a diverse range of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry gurus to share a slice of their real estate development journey. Think you need big bucks to become a bigwig?

In episode 111, you’ll hear the story of how one star investor grew his now $300 million company from zero dollars in the bank. Ready to leave the corporate world and finally go it alone? Episode 85 shares how one industry leader made the jump. If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to making big money as a real estate investor, this podcast is for you.

Stay ahead of the competition with these two real estate news and insight podcasts

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

To become a successful commercial real estate developer, it’s important to stay on top of the latest market insight. Michael Bull to the rescue: his expert command of industry intelligence gives you a lasting leg up on the competition.

In each episode of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show, he’ll get you up to speed on trending tech, deep analyses of market dynamics, and the future implications of piling consumer debt. Highly rated for his entertaining and personable demeanor, Bull dishes research-backed tips fit for experts, but approachable enough for industry greenhorns.

Multi-Housing News Podcast

This all-around podcast serves as an extension of popular news site MHN, giving you a monthly audio digest of current events and trends in the real estate industry. Hear from a variety of experts as they dissect pressing factors influencing the business of multifamily units. They’ll address new government regulations affecting affordable housing, or deliver a think piece on how trade policy affects the real estate economy. Interested in region-specific analysis?

You’ll also find episodes that dive into changes to local rent laws or the impact of gentrification in specific cities. For research-backed insight into current societal and economic trends and how they’ll affect your real estate business, look no further than the Multi-Housing News Podcast.

Listen to this real estate leadership podcast to expand your executive mindset

The Multifamily Innovation Show

Host Patrick Antrim brings in the industry’s top corporate thought leaders to dive into the fundamentals of running a real business in the multifamily apartment industry. In his video podcast, The Multifamily Innovation Show, he focuses on leadership and how you can adopt a people-first mindset to enhance your portfolio’s performance. Antrim interviews long-time C-Suiters on how to build powerful executive teams, and how you can create a culture of innovation that lasts. You’ll also hear from top talent agents so you can learn how to recruit the best candidates to fill out your growing real estate development team. When it comes to learning the business-facing innovations that will propel the future of the industry, Patrick Antrim is an unbeatable source.


Podcasts are one of the top ways professionals in every industry gain the knowledge they need to take the next step in their business. In fact, about 68 million people listen to a podcast each week. They’re the perfect mobile educator, so whether you’re driving between showings or checking in on a nearby property—there’s no excuse for not tuning in!