IOTAS has been acquired by ADT. The innovative future for smart properties.


We make apartments smart

End-to-end smart apartment solutions from the most trusted name in home security. A single source for security and smart apartment system design, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

The future of smart apartments



Smart. Secure.

Now with exclusive on-the-go protection.

Managing dozens or even hundreds of units in multiple locations becomes easier when they’re all connected and accessible in one place – your phone. The next evolution of smart home has arrived.

Residents have the ability to make their space their own with smart locks, thermostats, leak detectors, and more. Offer residents a level of protection while they’re home and away with the mobile security of ADT built right into the app.


Immediate emergency assistance

Security is seamlessly integrated within our app and gives residents immediate access to help.


Mobile peace of mind

The convenience of a mobile app means always having help at hand, wherever you are in the world. Your residents will have a direct line to real professionals in any emergency setting.


Protect your property staff

Immediate help your staff feels unsafe.

Swipe to call, in-app chat or video call. Help is only a second away, ADT can contact emergency responders and share your exact location.

Location sharing with trusted coworkers with private groups. Receive alerts when someone arrives or leaves important locations.


Smart safety timer

Feel safe across your entire community.

Your virtual companion for special activities that require extra attention for safety.

Emergency responders and coworkers are alerted if you don’t checkin after event.

A single source for security and smart apartment solutions

Access Entry   •    CCTV   •   Commercial Fire   •   Integrated Property Software •   Operational Efficiency

Deploy smart home easier with IOTAS One™

Plug-and-play 1GB WiFi throughout your building with zero cost infrastructure

• Flexible connectivity property-wide
• High-demand amenity
• Reliable roaming

Lease faster with self-guided Prospect Tour™

Turn your leads into leases by capturing qualified prospects

• Turnkey set up
• Real-time management, messaging and analytics
• Secure access through virtual keys

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