Smart homes for today’s renters.

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Smart for homes,
brilliant for apartments.

IOTAS is the smart home experience designed specifically for renters. By partnering directly with property developers, we install and set up apartments with smart outlets, switches, and sensors before you move in. So you’ll have a great experience from day one without lifting a finger. Just move in, sign up and discover a new ally – your smart home.


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CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree

An apartment that learns how to be a home.

By noting your daily patterns, IOTAS helps you learn more about your habits and is able to support them – making your smart home truly yours. You’ll experience a whole new way to customize your environment and make it yours.

Good for the earth
– and your wallet.

IOTAS accumulates knowledge about your energy usage of lights and devices, and then acts on that data to automate what it can to help you reduce your footprint and utility bills, without you having to even think about it.

Ready when you are.

Forget everything that intimidates you about integrating technology into your smart home. IOTAS is designed to be ready from day one – no installation necessary, and up and running in under 5 minutes.

What will you find in an
IOTAS smart home?

Every IOTAS apartment includes a wide range of hardware including integrations with your favorite products such as Honeywell, Amazon Echo and more.




Smart Switches


Smart Outlets


Door Sensors


Motion Sensors


Smart Thermostats


"The install, integration, and resident acceptance was quicker and better than we expected. Our leasing agents were trained. The residents love it and we can control our entire property with a push of a button. Can't beat that."

Zach, Property Manager

"It's amazing how this technology integrated seamlessly into my day to day life. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but now I can't live without it."

Allison, Resident

Coming soon to a property near you

Your next Smart Home


Grant Park Village — Portland, OR


Grant Park Village

Be home here. Ready to fit your personal pace with great perks like our own New Seasons Market, elevated landscaped courtyards, a kegerator-equipped lounge, a bike care station, a dog wash, and a state of the art fitness center.

The Fillmore Center — San Francisco, CA

The Fillmore Center


We are surrounded by a community so diverse it feels like a city within a city with its own unique blend of shops, cafes and theaters. With San Francisco at your door, World-class shopping, restaurants and entertainment options stretch out for miles and miles in all directions.


Chicago, IL

Coming soon!

Austin, TX

Coming soon!

Denver, CO

Coming soon!

New York, NY

Coming Soon!

San Diego,CA

Coming Soon!

Orange County, CA

Coming Soon!

Los Angeles, CA

Coming Soon!

Forth Worth, TX

Coming Soon!

Houston, TX

Coming Soon!

Minneapolis, MN

Coming Soon!

Indianapolis, IN

Coming Soon!

Kansas City, KS

Coming Soon!

Omaha, NE

Coming Soon!

Bradenton, FL

Coming Soon!

Atlanta, GA

Coming Soon!

Columbus, OH

Coming Soon!

Cincinnati, OH

Coming Soon!

Washington, D.C.

Coming Soon!

Philadelphia, PA

Coming Soon!

Charlotte, NC

Coming Soon!

Dallas, TX

Coming Soon!

Memphis, TN

Coming Soon!

Calgary, Canada

Coming Soon!

Tacoma, WA

Coming Soon!

Seattle, WA

Coming Soon!

The IOTAS smart home experience is available and live nationwide for multifamily property owners, developers and managers to integrate into their communities. Sign up below to learn more about where we're going and when IOTAS will be part of your daily life. If the local apartment community doesn't have IOTAS, we suggest slightly nudging them to give us a call for you!