I have the pleasure of moderating a panel of esteemed industry leaders discussing their views of today’s Smart Apartment at NAA Maximize on Tues Oct 3, 10:45am-11:45am in Austin. There are so many interesting conversations happening about Smart Apartments around topics such as integration, security, data and privacy, but fundamentally let’s first define what a Smart Apartment is.

Personally, I’ve noticed that there are perceptions that a Smart Apartment is one or two connected objects, such as a door lock and a thermostat, but my belief has always been that a truly Smart Apartment should be much more than that. A Smart Apartment makes your new rental feel like a home. It’s not a strange new environment that you are newly inhabiting, but it is your assistant. A true Smart Apartment welcomes you home by turning on the lights and music as you enter your home, and wishes you good night as you head off to bed by changing your thermostat to a comfortable setting. A true Smart Apartment allows you to control everything in the space and anticipates your need with automation triggered by your actions. A Smart Apartment should be your ally.

I’m also very curious to hear my panelist’s views and perspective on what they believe constitutes a Smart Apartment. I join Jim Dobbie, EVP of Development of Hunt Companies and Jay Minchilli, Executive Director of JP Morgan Asset Management and Josh Erosky, Director of Building Technology of UDR. Each of these amazing industry leaders have been reviewing, testing, and piloting Smart Apartments and bring a great perspective to the discussion.

If you can’t be in Austin to hear the discussion, I’ll post afterwards recapping the conversation from the panel. Stay tuned…