Everything has changed for Multifamily Apartment Communities

Meet Your Property’s Secret Weapon

— The Smart Apartment —

We don’t believe a smart apartment is merely a thermostat or door lock, but truly digitizing your community from the inside of the units to the common spaces. This encompasses connecting the correct hardware with the right machine learning software to provide ongoing learning and data for the property, so it’s easy for the resident while creating immense value for the property.

An IOTAS Partnership Includes:


These are the basics of what you’ll be enjoying and controlling with an IOTAS apartment.

Smart Switches


Smart Outlets


Smart Door Locks


Smart Thermostats


Door Sensors


Motion Sensors


Humidity Sensors


Leak Detection


Ceiling Fans


Window Coverings


Garage Door Control


and More


3rd-Party Integration

We’ll also integrate with your favorite smart products such as Amazon Echo, August, Nest and more!

Voice Control

Access Control

Property Mgmt

Package Systems

Fitness Equipment

Property Dashboard

IOTAS provides control of all vacant unit lights, outlets and thermostats from the push of a button, and that’s the easy part. Much more than that, we give you valuable insights about your buildings which will make your residents happy and let you know of potential problems before they become costly issues.

We’re More Than an Amenity –
We’re Your Partner

IOTAS is designed specifically for rental properties, and will be so much more than just another amenity add-on — it will change the way your residents think about renting and unlock opportunities to maximize your property’s revenue potential in ways that weren’t previously possible.


Today’s renter has higher expectations than ever before. Beyond the gym and the coffee shop, they want access to wi-fi and anything that will integrate into their digital lifestyle. IOTAS will capture that momentum by giving renters the ability to control and automate their smart apartment, enhancing a sense of personalization and ownership that renters rarely experience.

Generate new revenue streams

IOTAS believes that the real estate industry has untapped monetization opportunities, and wants to be the connector between players in this area. To prove it, IOTAS will share a % of gross revenue gained from any ancillary revenue generated from the buildings of our partners. Imagine the ways your business would benefit from more relevant interactions with customers. Think how Facebook and Google find their users wherever they are. You will be able to tap into this ethos in a physical world manner.


IOTAS uses smart light switches, outlets and thermostats that are designed to meet today’s standards and building codes. We work with your contractors to implement the hardware at the point of install, with no difference to your building process. The rest of our technology is folded on top of these elements by our team, so your property can stay on schedule – and on budget – while integrating additional smart features in the future, seamlessly.


  • Your resident moves in, downloads the app, and they are on their way!
  • No oversight from your end.
  • App is specific to the resident floorplan and their routine
  • No resetting of hardware upon move-out. Software automatically handles this for your management team.

Decrease costs

Our service is our responsibility, not yours. If we need to switch out a sensor, device or help a resident, we have support staff to make your resident’s experience as smooth as possible. This means you can integrate IOTAS into your smart apartments risk-free and headache-free for your on-premise team.

Drive efficiency

Our technology opens the door to helping residents save on energy usage through analyzing patterns and usage, then acting on that data to automate lights and devices. This means that your smart apartment has a new edge in attracting a ‘green-minded’ consumer, as well as saving on utilities that you might currently subsidize.

Gather data, smarter

Interested in knowing what type of residents are most likely to use which amenities in your smart apartment at what times of day, or how much that costs you per device or appliance? The data available from our technology allows you to visualize expenditures, patterns and more, allowing you to more strategically make decisions about how your business runs.

Much more than just control

More Prospects. Rent Faster. Lower Costs. Premium Rent

Let’s change the rental market together.

IOTAS is poised to make waves in both the rental and technology markets, and we’d love to have you along with us. Contact us to learn more about how IOTAS connected technology can work for you and your property’s goals.