Why Become an IOTAS Partner?

IOTAS welcomes partnerships and integrations with industry leading providers in order to deliver the best possible experience for owners, managers and residents alike.

Become an IOTAS PArtner

As an IOTAS Partner, we work alongside you to strategically position your business to enhance OUR joint customer experience while connecting with customers in a more meaningful manner.


Have an idea for software integration? IOTAS partner software solutions are either hosted on, or integrated with, the IOTAS platform, for the sole purpose of enhancing the user experience.


IOTAS prides itself on defining the smart home market for multifamily. We continue to grow our ecosystem of connected devices to expand our offerings. Hardware providers & manufacturers can capture growing demand for emerging home automation capabilities and build longer customer lifespans by partnering with IOTAS.

Community Solutions

We are actively working with various partners to expand our smart units to full smart communities. Be part of the missing link between multifamily properties, their residents and the world. Are you Energy minded? Retail driven? Transportation focused? Perhaps you’re System Integrators, Strategic Consultancies, Agencies, or Resellers? Let’s collaborate.

Cable/Telecom Providers

For large providers wanting to deliver a more compelling offering to multifamily customers, we can integrate and even white-label our platform to meet your needs.

Current IOTAS Partners