The brand new IOTAS experience available now

The new IOTAS app is now available everywhere!

If you have automatic app updates enabled on your phone, the new app should install automatically within the next couple of days. If not, just click one of the links below to download the latest version from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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Your favorites always in reach

Quickly find your favorite device or scene without hesitation. Explore your favorites, recent routines and more in the Now section.

Home, always a tap away

Lights, outlets, door locks, thermostats, ceiling fans, door, motion and leak sensors. Access all your smart devices in the Control section.

Group devices with scenes

Create scenes that work best for you whether it’s dinner time or the occasional dance party. Scenes can be controlled by a single tap in the app or using voice control.

Scene ideas ⚡️

Turn down the temperature and turn off the lights for a movie night scene.

No bedtime pattern? No problem. Turn off all the lights and outlets once you’re ready to sleep for a bedtime scene.

Automatic actions with routines

Have your home automatically react with routines.

Routines can happen at a certain time of day ⏰ when a device is controlled 💡 when sensors detects activity 💁‍♂️ when you leave home 🚴‍♀️— or when your arrive home 🏡.

Routine ideas ⚡️

Save energy by turning off lights and lowering the thermostat when you leave for work.

Turn on the stereo, turn on your kitchen track lights and turn off the slow cooker for dinner time.

😀 🎉 ⚡️

Available now

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Creating a new scene

Creating a new routine

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